A COVID-19 technology sharing platform

Our Mission

Ensure equitable access to essential health technologies:

Personal protective equipment
Medical devices such as ventilators
Diagnostics and testing materials

The Tech Access Partnership (TAP) aims to supports developing countries to scale up local production of critical health technologies needed to combat COVID-19, including personal protective equipment, diagnostics and medical devices such as ventilators.

How TAP works

TAP will facilitate connections between experienced manufacturers and local manufacturers in developing countries to share key data, knowledge and other relevant support through a coordinated network. This support includes:

Product Information

Digital warehouse of manufacturing and design specifications, technical knowledge and information required to increase capacity

Technical Guidance

Lifeline of technical support to help manufacturers troubleshoot issues they may encounter as they seek to ramp up production, including information on market dynamics and regulatory hurdles


Platform to match companies based on expertise, needs and capacity


  • Helping countries respond to the immediate crisis by accelerating access to lifesaving technologies

  • Equipping countries with the tools and skills they need to lessen the impact of future pandemics

  • Expanding the skills and capacity of local manufacturers to boost innovation in the long-term

This dire situation brings with it an unprecedented opportunity to build local manufacturing capability across the developing world, empowering countries to ensure their populations get the equipment they need.

Joshua Setipa
Managing Director,
UN Technology Bank

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TAP is hosted by the United Nations Technology Bank, working in partnership with the UN Development Programme (UNDP), UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the World Health Organization (WHO).


Join the Tech Access Partnership Network and fight with us to scale up local production of critical health technologies.

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TAP is guided by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the UN’s call for shared responsibility and solidarity with those most vulnerable.

It is centered in the UN Development System’s overall approach to counter the socio-economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes scaling up global capacity for testing and treatment, providing social protections for the most vulnerable and making countries resilient to future pandemics.